Ken Nichols

Recommended Advisors
Certified Public Accountants
Sal Censoprano/CPA
Foster City,CA
Off: 650-349-8982
Comments:  Excellent tax advisor for individuals and small businesses.
Investment Advisors
Scott Anderson C.F.P./ UBS Financial Services
San Mateo,CA
Off: 650-342-5531
Comments: Certified financial planner.
Advisory and brokerage services.
Over 25 years of experience.
Dan English/ A.G.Edwards
Redwood Shores,CA
Off: 650-595-7700
Comments: Mutual fund and annuity advisor. Over 25 years of experience.
James Karel/ K-CAP/Karel Capital
Off: 342-5227
Wealth advisor for larger accounts.
Tracy Lasecke/Lasecke-Weil LLC
Palo Alto,CA
Off: 650-323-3700
Advisor to large accounts.
Trust Attorneys
Henry Evy/Trust Attorney
San Mateo,CA
Off: 650-343-1500
Handles trusts for individuals and estates.
Please note that all the above advisors will answer any questions you may have in regards to any personal financial situations. Let them know you got their phone number from my web site.